2 Roasters

4 Unique Coffees

18 - 25 June


Cat and Cloud

Beans is delighted to present Cat and Cloud x Process Coffee. This release features a curated series of 4 limited-edition coffees.

The coffees are all single origins, roasted to a light profile and suitable for both Filter and Espresso (Omni) brew methods. Cat and Cloud contains 283g of coffee per bag, and Process contains 200g. Coffee will all be roasted to order and we have 30 bags of each coffee available.

The coffees are priced from €24 - €33. The purchase window is open from 18 June until 18:00 IST (Irish Standard Time) on 25 June or until stock lasts. Once the purchase window is closed, the coffees will be freshly roasted and orders fulfilled within 5 working days.

About Cat and Cloud

Cat & Cloud was created by three friends who believe experiences and connection shape our lives. Every interaction you have with another person, no matter how small, is an opportunity to leave them in a better place than we found them. Creating experiences that inspire and connect, that’s what we do. with our team, our guests, and now you.

  • Cat and Cloud - Head Roaster
  • Cat and Cloud - Roasting Coffees

About Process Coffee

Process Coffee is a dynamic coffee and lifestyle supply company based in Belfast. Founded by Ben, Process Coffee emphasizes the journey and collaboration within the coffee industry, focusing on people over products and passion over position. By carefully selecting high-quality green coffee that highlights unique varietals, terroirs, and processing conditions, Process Coffee celebrates the hard work of producers and delivers balanced, bright, and super tasty coffees.

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This release is available for a limited time only. You can use the 'Add to Cart' buttons at the top of this page to purchase the coffees. If you have any questions, please see the below FAQs or contact customer support.


The purchase window for this release is open from 18 June to 25 June at 18:00 IST.


After the purchase window has ended, the roaster will start roasting the coffee. Each coffee will then be carefully packaged for shipment.


Beans endeavours to dispatch all the orders within 10 working days of the closure of the purchase window. Please note that the exact timing is subject to demand, production capacities and potential shipping delays. Customers will be emailed with a tracking number once their work is shipped.


Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions, you can explore our FAQs below. If you want to get in touch, please contact customer care or ask a question on Discord.

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Is this a subscription service?

No, our coffee service operates differently from traditional subscription models. We've chosen to move away from monthly subscriptions to offer you more flexibility and control over your coffee experience. Instead, we provide the opportunity to purchase our exceptional coffees during designated purchase windows.

This means you can buy as much or as little as you like, without being tied to a recurring subscription fee. We believe this approach not only allows you to tailor your coffee orders to your preferences and consumption habits but also ensures that you receive freshly roasted coffee every time. So, while we don't offer subscriptions in the traditional sense, we're committed to delivering the highest quality coffee to your door whenever you need it.

What brew method do you recommend?

We have purposely chosen coffees that work well with both filter and espresso brew methods. Recipes will be provided for each coffee within the release, so this will be a good place to start, but we recommend fine-tuning it to suit your taste and machinery. For other brewing recipes, tips and tricks, check out the brew.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely. We offer express tracked delivery to all destinations that we ship to. We work with competitive flat-rate shipping costs to Europe and the rest of the world, which are added at checkout.

If your shipping address is outside of the EU, you will be responsible for any customs or import duties and local taxes that may be payable.

If your country is not available, please send us an email to see if we can ship our coffees to you via courier. Or start a collective, just reach out for more information."

When will I receive my order?

After the order pre-order window closes, coffees will be roasted promptly and shipped for distribution. We aim to ensure that all orders are received within 10 working days of the roast date.

We use this approach to guarantee freshness and to help streamline operations for our roasters.

Once your order is dispatched, you will receive an email containing relevant tracking information. Please note that if your order includes additional products such as equipment, separate shipping times may apply.

Are coffees pre-ground?

No. To safeguard the freshness and integrity of our coffees we only ship out whole bean coffee. You’ll get the coffees exactly as the roasters intended sealed inside airtight bags so that they have reached their peak by the time they land on your doorstep.